Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Arctic Journals of John Rae

So here's an enticing book that has just gone to the printer: The Arctic Journals of John Rae. The finished work will surface in September. Before that happens, I will sail Into the Northwest Passage with Adventure Canada, bent on leading a zodiac-sortie to the spot where John Rae discovered the final link in the Passage.  He built a cairn there in 1854, and in 1999, with a couple of friends -- one of them Louie Kamookak of Gjoa Haven -- I erected a plaque at that location. If you're keen, the expedition may yet have a few vacancies. Tell them I sent you!


Meteorit03 said...

Curious to read it! Wish you an exciting trip in the Arctic!

Andrés said...

How I envy you!! Enjoy your trip to this place again!!