Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sporran works magic at event honoring Robert Burns

Over on Facebook, a recent image sparked complaint. Where was my sporran? The clamor induced me to solicit yet one more kilted photo from Sheena Fraser McGoogan. Here we have Our Hero setting out with Sheena for the Robert Burns extravaganza sponsored by the St. Andrew's Society of Toronto. And quite a shindig it was, complete with haggis, pipers, and a Burns' songfest led by Strings in Motion. I got to chat with Norm Kelly, the Deputy Mayor. As  reported elsewhere, I offered unsolicited advice on transit, recommended Straphanger by Taras Grescoe, and relayed statistics on the Scots and the Irish in Canada. Mr. Kelly did not smoke crack. He did not curse out the police chief in Jamaican patois. And he did not threaten to strip down to his underwear and kill somebody. Either he's a notable improvement on you know who, or the sporran really does work magic.

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