Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hundreds of authors set to party with Canadian booksellers

Looks like The Great Canadian Book Bash is coming to a bookstore near you. On Saturday, May 2, more than 500 Canadian authors will turn up at 100-plus independent bookstores across the country. 
We’re calling it Authors for Indies and, yes, we mean to show our support for Canada’s independent booksellers. We want them not just to survive, but to flourish. You can read all about it at www.authorsforindies.com. You can even find out
which authors will be where. Here in the Beach Village, known for having Ontario's Best Small-Town Main Street, a bunch of us, Beachers all, will put our shoulders to the wheel at Book City (1950 Queen Street East). Wander into that well-stocked bookstore and you might run into Lee Gowan (The Last Cowboy), Tish Cohen (Town House), or Kim Echlin (The Disappeared). And that's just for starters. Yours truly (Fatal Passage) will be hanging out from around 2 p.m. And, hey, don’t be surprised if I try to sell you a book. Gotta love those indies.
Book City in The Beach: Authors: Ken McGooganLisa de Nikolits, DJ McIntosh, Kim Echlin, George A. Walker, Lee Gowan, Tish Cohen, Brian Panhuyzen, Dr. Vera Tarman

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