Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What do Celtic Life and Canadian Geographic have in common?

The answer to that question, judging from the October issues of both magazines, would appear to be timeliness and excellent editorial taste. In Celtic Life, we discover a one-page Q&A in which Our Hero talks about his latest book: "Unearthing my own roots inspired me to conceive of what I call “cultural genealogy.” Canadian intellectuals hunker down with geographers and sociologists. That’s a mistake. We assume geography’s limitations and cease investigating our collective past at the western edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Instead, like genealogists, we should keep sleuthing. This nation’s history crosses the Atlantic. And, given that nine million Canadians trace their roots to Scotland and Ireland, it does so more often to those two countries than to anywhere else." In Canadian Geographic, we find this same chap talking once more about "cultural
genealogy, the idea that values and ideas can be transmitted from one generation and place to another. The figures in the book helped shape Scotland and Ireland, and their people, who brought their attitudes and beliefs to this country. Collectively, that history is part of Canadian history that we have long overlooked."

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