Friday, November 8, 2013

Rob Ford turned me into a private eye

Rob Ford followed me to Ottawa. I thought I would escape him by coming here to do a book signing at Books on Beechwood. En route, I read about him in two newspapers, the Star and the Globe. Then I read about him in the latest issue of MacLean’s.
That might have been the end of it, but the VIA-Rail train from Toronto offers wi-fi. Soon I was online. One faraway Facebook friend, alluding to the title of my latest opus, 50 Canadians Who Changed the World, and knowing that I live in the Centre of the Universe, asked facetiously, “Hey, is Rob Ford one of the fifty?”
Another one posted a link to a Toronto Sun article. And this is where Ford turned me into a private eye. You know how, in the latest video, the mayor rants that he wants to murder someone? And everyone wonders, who is he raging about?

Well, in this Sun article, a judge tells a hearing that a former common-law spouse of Ford’s sister, Kathy, “was viciously attacked and severely beaten” in jail because he was “being a bother to Ford.” Apparently, this convicted drug dealer had threatened Ford and approached him screaming, “You owe me money and your sister owes me money,” and later threatened the mayor. But here: draw your own conclusions. The mystery is, why haven’t people picked up on this? For the record, Ford is NOT one of the 50. Yes, I signed a few piles of books. And Sheena shot the pix.

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Mark Lovewell said...

Ken, Who knew your talents extended to gumshoe territory. Whether or not your theory is correct, you make an intriguingly logical case, Sherlock!